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Resort 2017


Resort 2017 is inspired by a brief passage from A Sport and a Pasttime by one of my favorite authors, James Salter. 

"The sky is pale. A Frenchman is sleeping in the corner seat, blue coat, blue pants. The blues do not match. They're parts of two different suits. His socks are pearl grey." 

The novel takes a seductive journey through France and this passage in particular was familiar to me. It bore me back to French train rides through Provence and the Côte d'Azure, to the track switches along the Italian border and ultimately to my favorite place, the sea. 

The Sport//Pasttime Resort Collection takes a journey. We start with new lightweight silk turbans in rosé and lavender à la Provençal. We end with dramatic Mediterranean sun-hats in that perfect combination of hues where sunburned burned rocks meet the endless indigo sea. Sport//Pasttime is an excercise in color and mood and escape, whether that starts with a passage from a good book or an excursion into foreign lands. 

– CK